East Lothian Wedding. R&R. Dunglass Estate

Against the backdrop of Dunglass Estate's 15th-century collegiate church, Rachel and Robert exchanged vows, their words infused with love and commitment, echoing through the centuries-old stone walls. In that sacred space, surrounded by history and nature's splendor, they embarked on a new chapter of their journey together.

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As the day unfolded, I had the privilege of capturing every precious moment through my lens. Rachel's words afterward, reflecting on her choice of photographer, warmed my heart. She shared, "You were so exuberant and bubbly, full of excitement, but you really listened to what we wanted. You made us feel like you were a friend doing our photos." It was a sentiment that encapsulated the essence of my approach - to not just document moments, but to become a trusted confidant and companion on their wedding day.

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Throughout the festivities, laughter rang out like music, mingling with the sweet melodies of the Scottish countryside. Guests reveled in the joy of the occasion, and their feet bounced along to a full Scottish Celiedh dance afterwards with much vigour and enthusiasm.


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Dunglass Estate, with its exclusive luxury and romantic allure, provided the perfect backdrop for Rachel and Robert's celebration. Quoting Robert Burns, it truly is "the most romantic sweet place I ever saw," a sentiment echoed by all who had the pleasure of experiencing its charm.

Rachel and Robert danced and laughed,  their hearts brimming with gratitude and love. In that moment, surrounded by the people they cherished most, they knew that their wedding day at Dunglass Estate would forever be etched in their memories as a day of sunshine, smiles, and pure, unbridled happiness.

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Thanks for having me Robert and Rachel

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