Colourful Wedding Photography in Edinburgh.

There are so many ways to introduce pops ( or explosions) of colour to your wedding day, from make-up to outfits and everything in between.

One of the easiest ways to add colour to your wedding day is with your bridesmaids dresses/suits. You can really mix it up to match the florals, to add your favourite clour, to coordinate with the kilts, or to match the bridal dress. You can compliment their skin and hair tones, as well as their favourite colours and really inspire some personality from your team.

When Sam and Kit got married, they chose vibrant, velvet gowns for their bridesmaids, and mix and matched wedding bouquets to compliment.


And you can be as bold and as daring as you like and choose brighter versions of seasonal hues - yellows in Summer, instead of lemon, and burnt orange, and emerald green in Autumn..

Col019   Col020

You can also be daring enough to be a bride in a colourful wedding dress, either block colour like Tanya chose (emerald green velvet) or coloured, embroidered overlays like Kit and Siobhan both chose to do:




You could even both choose to go bolder than white and its traditional neighbouring hues, just as Laurie and Hannah chose to do:

Col021  Col022

And of course, we can always rely on the boys to introduce some great colourways, either to add personlity and spice, or to compliemnt the wedding colour theme:

Col030   Col023   Col027

Naturally, you can use your other wedding details, like your bridal bouquets, wedding shoes,  and wedding cakes to bring some colour to the party:


Col008   Col009

Col018   Col025

Some brides are adventurous enough to go with a statement colour on the make up and really own the colour vibes. Bright red lip anyone?

Col028  Col031

And one of the most traditional ways to inject colour, is using confetti on your wedding day - my favourite Confetti queens offer my couples an exlcusive discount too!




And finally, the season you choose can influenece, not only your colour theme, but it can also bring a magnificent flurry of colour - rhododendrons in summer and golden leaves in autumn.



So, how do you feel about colour on your wedding day, and how will you choose to introduce it? Are you bold and daring, or serene with pops of colour scattered troughout your day?

You can see lots of other colourful wedding inspiration over on my website alongside how to check my availability too.

Happy planning.

Dionne xxx




Scottish Elopement to the coast. The Harbour Chapel, Dunbar

The romance of running away together to Scotland for a beautiful elopement on the rugged, stunning coastline of Dunbar, was the vision for David & Tanya after many years of being together.


They chose the absolutely beautiful The Harbour Chapel in Dunbar for their intimate ceremony, which was a complete secret from all of their friends and family, and they tied the knot with all of the usual wedding touches from walking down the aisle together, to tying the knot and quaiching.

Shaw006  Shaw008

Shaw009  Shaw010

Shaw013       Shaw014

Before exchanging rings with very personal vows and a lifelong commitment to each other.



And after signing the official registry, with Fiona (the owner of the Chapel) and Kris as offical witnesses, we cut the cake in front of the original organ pipes from the chapel and then headed for a walk around Dunbar Harbour for some beautiful celebratory photos.



Shaw016   Shaw018


Before taking a short drive to the very famous Bridge to Nowhere for some final photos and good conversation



And a final trip back to the Chapel for a glass of fizz and some time to relax for Mr & Mrs Shaw ahead of their evening meal at The Creel restaurant, Dunbar.


An elopement is a beautifully, intimate way to celebrate your love, in a totally free, and unscripted way. There are no time pressures to adhere to, you can choose which elements you really want and which you don't, and you can carefully choose your photo locations with your photographer to make sure you have the best memories of your day.

David and Tanya were a dream couple - her green dress and colourful flowers were a treat and she looked incredble, and it was my honour to be a part of such an intimate day.

Elopements are the day you want, your way.

If you are planning an elopement in Scotland and would like to work together on your very intimate day, let's start a conversation Check availability

Edinburgh Wedding. C&N. Waldorf Astoria

It was no April's Fools when Chris & Nadia decided to get married at The waldorf Astoria in Edinburgh on April 1st.


This rock star duo had a wonderful morning of wedding prepration in the suites of the hotel with Nadia opting to have her bridesmaids, mother in law and Gran with her:

P015  P052  P026

And the most beautiful views of Edinburgh Castle, as your morning delight.


The wedding morning was a very relaxed affair, with lots of great chat, and the MUA's working their magic on all of the wedding party

P068  P018

The Waldorf Astoria has lots of incredible spaces for those stunning detail shots too... I had great fun hanging the gown in the entrance hall of the wedding suite


P014  P012

Chris & Nadia had a graphic designer add a personalised Joker/Batman playing card to their table decorations to bring more of thier personality to the day.

The beautiful couple then decided to have a first look with each other ahead of the nuptials, in the honeymoon suite, and this gave me the perfect opportuntity to grab a few portrais of the groom before he saw his bride for the first time


Then it was the first look and a few quiet moments for them both

P086   P088



Before sharing a dram and heading on to the ceremony room of the hotel


The ceremony was on the first floor of the hotel, officiated by Fiona Flanagan, and attended by all of their family and friends.


And Nadia was traditionally led by her bridesmaids before her flower girl scattered flowers along the aisle for her and her father to walk along

Q037  Q041

The ceremony was scattered with lots of personal details about the couple, and included the tradional Scottish act of tying the knot (handfasting) using fabric from Nadia's gown and tartan from Chris's family.


Q058  Q068

Before officially sealing the marriage with a kiss.


The grand staircase provided the perfect spot for a group photo of all of the wedding guests.


We then escaped for some couple shots, with Danny at TLC Media, and some downtime for them both




Some family shots on the staircase and and then we were on to cutting the most beautiful cake from the dessert table


P063  P062


Before speeches from Nadia's wonderful father, the groom and his best man


And then some serious dancing in to the evening with live entertainment



S050  S083


It was an absolute joy and privilege to be their chosen photographer for this spectacular, fun, Edinburgh wedding. Check my availability

It was also poignant that I was able to capture the final photos of Nadia's gran, who sadly passed away shortly after the wedding. She was a vibrant, beautiful soul who relished the ocassion and was surrounded by an abundance of love and joy.

With the utmost respect, I feel honoured to have shared a small space with her.


East Lothian Wedding. R&R. Dunglass Estate

R003 1

In the midst of East Lothian's stunning landscape, amidst rugged coastlines and ancient woodlands, Dunglass Estate stands as a beacon of timeless romance. On a beautiful summer day in July, the estate played host to an unforgettable celebration uniting two souls, Rachel and Robert, surrounded by their beautiful daughter Rowan, and loved ones who had journeyed across the Atlantic to share in their joy.

From across continents, friends and family gathered, their anticipation palpable in the air. The sun shone, setting the scene for a day filled with love, laughter, and cherished moments.

R061 1  R021  R020

As the ceremony approached, Pixie Rose's enchanting floral arrangements adorned the venue, adding to the magic of the occasion. The bridesmaids, resplendent in shades of blue, radiated elegance as they took their place by Rachel's side, a testament to the beauty of friendship and sisterhood.

S006 1  S007 1

But one member of the bridal party stole the show in his own right - Otis, the beloved family dog, ring bearer extraordinaire, with an air of regal dignity, his presence a heartwarming reminder of the bond shared between humans and their furry companions.

S055a 1  S069 1  R098 1

Beautiful Broxmouth Courtyard Wedding, East Lothian


If you are looking for a rustic wedding vibe in Scotland, with or more beautiful than this. Having worked at Broxmouth over the years - the 'new' Courtyard has elevated an already lovely venue into the upper echelons of gorgeous! All just 30mins from Edinburgh.

I first met Shannon & Ross ( & Evie) after they had already chosen their wedding venue as Broxmouth. We had an incredible pre-wedding shoot on Belhaven beach one gorgeous evening before finalising the details of their wedding day.

SR039  SR002  SR013

When you arrive to Broxmouth, you head along a long, winding, welcoming drive, surrounded by the most amazing gardens and woodland, until you arrive at your courtyard. There you have plenty of spaces for getting ready, with windows so you can spy on your arriving guests, and all of the spaces are well lit, well decorated, and adequate space for you and your whole party. Shannon chose to get ready with her bridesmaids, her mum and her beautiful daughter Evie - there is so much space for everyone to get ready wth large full length mirrors, dressing tables, cosy couches, a bathroom and also a lovely high space for hanging those all important outfits!

G026   G037  G020  

Shannon chose to have a first look wiht her bridal party and her dad! I have to admit - there were tears! And not just from them!

G041  G054  G061

Scottish Wedding Photographer of the Year 2024

 Reflecting on Winning Southeast Scotland Wedding Photographer of the Year

IMG 9175

As I sit down to write this blog post, I find myself filled with an overwhelming sense of gratitude and excitement. After four years of being a finalist, I am incredibly thrilled to announce that I have been named the Southeast Scotland Wedding Photographer of the Year for 2024! This recognition is not just an honor for me, but a testament to the countless couples who have trusted me to capture their special day.

From the very beginning, my passion for photography has been driven by the desire to freeze moments in time, to tell stories through images, and to create memories that last a lifetime. Each wedding I've had the privilege to photograph has been a unique and magical experience, filled with love, laughter, and joy.

Being a wedding photographer is about more than just taking beautiful pictures; it's about building connections with my couples, understanding their vision for their day, and going above and beyond to exceed their expectations. Every couple has their own story to tell, and I am honored to be entrusted with the task of capturing it in all its beauty.

IMG 9171

Winning this award is a testament to the dedication and hard work that goes into my craft. It's about constantly pushing myself to evolve as an artist, to hone my skills, and to embrace new techniques and technologies. It's about investing countless hours behind the lens, striving for perfection with each shot, and never settling for anything less than extraordinary.

But perhaps more than anything, this award is a celebration of love. Each photograph I take is a celebration of the love shared between two people, a testament to the power of connection and the beauty of human relationships. To be able to freeze those moments in time, to capture the fleeting glances, the tender embraces, and the heartfelt emotions – it is a privilege beyond words.

As I reflect on this incredible achievement, I am filled with gratitude for all the couples who have allowed me to be a part of their special day. To my couples, past and present, thank you for trusting me with your memories and for allowing me to share in your joy. To my friends, family, and colleagues who have supported me along the way, thank you for believing in me when I doubted myself, and for inspiring me to reach for the stars.

And to all the aspiring photographers out there, never stop chasing your dreams. Believe in yourself, follow your passion, and never be afraid to push the boundaries of what you think is possible. Because with hard work, dedication, and a whole lot of love, anything is possible.

As I embark on this year ahead as the Scottish Wedding Photographer of the year for Edinburgh and the Lothians, I am filled with gratitude and excitement, and a renewed sense of purpose. Here's to capturing many more love stopries, making memories, and taking on all of the adventures 2024 has instore for me.

Thank you, Scottish Wedding awards, for this incredible honor. I am truly humbled, grateful, and beyond thrilled to be named your Wedding Photographer of the Year. Here's to many more beautiful moments captured together!

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